Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First 'Screenshots'

I've worked on some stuff for you guys, like I said this isn't in the actual game it's a concept design I made using Minecraft. Some stuff may be confusing so here's an explanation:

Blue tiles on the floor: Spawn tiles. The first picture showcases a spawn room with 4 spawns, basically the only way to enter a dungeon.

Red Square Tiles: Slow Sand Traps. These traps slow down your Character Speed AND Attack Speed.

Purple Crystal Tiles: Monster Spawner. This tile spawns monsters twice as fast as normal monster spawning. So every time a monster spawns on a normal tile in a dungeon, these tiles spawn 2.

Iron Fences: Gates. They require something to open them. For instance: some require you to disable all spawners in a room or kill a certain amount of monsters. The Boss Room gate requires you to get all four keys in a dungeon and unlock it.

Blue Tiles on wall: Teleporters. Most teleporters you see will be one-way. Meaning that monsters can teleport into the room but you can't teleport into the monster spawn room.

Green Spikes: Spikes. (In the game they won't be green, since the texture was grey Minecraft turned it green.) These spikes kill you instantly, so don't fall into them.

Tiles on the wall that look like they have a hole in them: Launchers. These launchers can either shoot air to push you or a projectile to hurt you. Most of these are seen in Boss Rooms or in Spike Danger Rooms. 

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