Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Textures, Textures, and a Coder Deprivation

I started development on Dexesta today. I've been doing some textures for dungeons and foliage. Later I'll post some screenshots of an example dungeon later. I don't have any experience coding, but my friend is learning Java and eventually I will also.  You may also be wondering how I will post screenshots when I don't have a Game Engine yet. I am designing example maps with Minecraft (Made by Mojang) and then applying the textures since the landscape tiles textures are 16x16 and therefore compatible with Minecraft.

So yes, I am short of code which mean I will be needing coders. Currently I am not accepting helpers, but I might later. Of course you would work for free, since this game is free. You would have deadlines depending on your project and if you don't finish your project on time I will not accept your work.

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